First Time Home Buyers

First Home Buyers Sydney:

For first home buyers in Sydney, Premier Lending has good news. We are helping you arrange loans for your first property purchase. We can help you obtain the First Home Buyers Grant offered in NSW. You can buy brand new properties that can fall in any of the below-mentioned categories:
  • A house that has never been occupied before
  • A house that has not been sold earlier as a residential premise
  • A house that has undergone significant renovations
  • A house that has been built to replace a demolished property
We help you understand the process by giving you all the information in simple words. We make you aware of a lot of things such as: choosing the most appropriate loan to apply for, additional costs that you should be prepared for and the factors that determine whether you are eligible for the loans for first home buyers in Sydney.
We can explain to you the key facts of borrowing money such as how much you should borrow and the common features of loans and of course, suggest the best loan for your needs. Purchasing your first home can be an exhausting process. But at the same time it could be rewarding if you understand every detail of it. The devil is really in the details in this case.
To learn more about our first home buyers in Sydney loan services,Contact us.