Self Employed Loans

Self Employed Home Loans Concord:

If you are self-employed and facing problems documenting your income for a home loan, we are here to help you. We at Premier Lending, assist self-employed people like you to find financing for buying properties. We can find you low rates for self employed home loans in Concord. If you have a bad credit background or if you have gone through bankruptcy, you can still apply for a self-employed home loan and the right loan can save you a lot of money in the long run.
Those who have faced bankruptcy or bad credit before have to pay a high-interest rate. However, you need to first make yourself familiar with the basic types of self employed home loans in Concord such as a secured loan and unsecured loan.
Secured Self-Employment Loan:
A secured self-employment loan is suitable for those who already own a home. You can use the home equity as collateral for accessing the finances that you need. These loans come with better interest rates because there is less risk for lenders.
Unsecured Self-Employment Loan:
An unsecured self-employment loan is for homeowners or tenants who are not willing to expose their real estate to threat just to obtain a loan. These loans usually come with higher interest rates because lenders consider them as riskier.


  • Find you loans with the most flexibility
  • Help you choose the best loan for you
  • Help you repay your loan in terms of underpayments, overpayments and even get payment breaks when required
  • Do extensive research and make comparisons between quotes from different lenders
  • Take into account the loan amount, repayment options, lender’s fee and term of the loan
Looking for self employed home loans in Concord means that you don’t have a fixed salary. That’s not a problem as the self-employed loans are often flexible. A self-employed loan puts you in control of your finances, just like you are in control of your occupation.
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