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Don’t Go Straight to the Bank! Give yourself Choice!

Searching for a home loan may not be hard, but understanding all the finer details can be.

Thinking About Refinancing?

How could refinancing benefit you?

Refinancing is a simple and effective way to restructure your home loan with another lender to ensure it better fits with your current situation.

Some of the ways you may benefit include:

– Reduced monthly repayments or keep making the same repayments and shave years off your loan
– Fixed monthly repayments
– Opportunities to make extra repayments
– Consolidate your high interest debts i.e. credit cards and personal loans
– Access cash via equity in your home for things such as: a holiday, a wedding, a renovation project, a business venture or an investment.

When refinancing might NOT make sense:

– If you are thinking of selling your property soon
– Exit fees are high on fixed rate home loan
– Since your previous loan, your credit history has taken a hit due to outstanding debts, making it less likely you’ll get a good rate
– You’ve don’t have a reliable and steady source of income over the period of the loan (ex: You’re freelancing)

Want to take a little money out and remodel the kitchen, bathroom, or maybe even pay off some bills or go on vacation? We are here to help and we can get you started today!

Rates starting at 3.72% (3.86% CR) Call us to see if you qualify! 0425 354 821

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At Premier Lending, we are experienced mortgage broking specialists, who are here to help you find the right loan for your situation. We are dedicated to creating personalised mortgage solutions that anticipate and meet the needs of our customers. We are a free, no-obligation service that will empower you to take control of your financial situation.

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